White Sands (the First Time)

By | June 24, 2009

Typical of our stay here, it rained a little as we were preparing to leave the City of Rocks State Park.

But we drove out of the rain to the White Sands of New Mexico, an amazing place with miles of huge sand dunes of pure white soft sand! We ate lunch in one of the many parking lots, then Tom took the wheels off my longboard and Voila! a sandboard! We tried it out on the dunes and got it to work pretty well.

We walked around a little, sandboarding and taking pictures.

Walking in the White Sands

Walking in the White Sands

After about a half hour, the wind picked up and whipped sand everywhere and it wasn’t that much fun anymore. So we had to leave. (Here’s me, using my sandboard as a wind block.)

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