Rant Against the Big W

By | May 6, 2009

Somewhere in the midst of one of our hikes at Joshua Tree, as I was walking along wearing my new sunglasses, I heard something POP and suddenly my vision went a little funny! Come to realize it was my sunglasses; the frame snapped! For no reason at all!!! That was bizarre to me, and made me mad at the cheapness of (ah-hem!) Wal-Mart items (and mad at myself for buying them from THERE.)

This unfortunate occurrence did not stop our hike—we continued on—but we made plans to go to town later on and make a RETURN.

Later….. My experience did not go well.

I walked in and was pleased to see no customers at the service counter. So I stepped right up and looked at the cashier, expecting her to greet me. I was greeted—with a blank stare.

“Um, I’d like to return these sunglasses,” I started. She pointed, “There’s a line.” “Oh, sorry, I didn’t see.” I backed up, looking to my left where she had gestured. Five people stood in a line that started 10 feet away from the counter. It seemed to be a line to nowhere, as far I could tell.

As I stood in the back of the line, the arrangement became clear, if a little wonky. Had the line extended straight from the counter, we would have blocked not only the ATM and the McDonald’s entrance (which we were anyway), but also the entrance to the bathrooms. So we all stood there like idiots waiting to be called to the island called the “Service Desk.”

Finally, after 20 long minutes of waiting, it was officially My Turn. I proffered my sunglasses, and told the lady chomping on her gum once again that I’d like to return them. She looked down at my offering. “What’s wrong with them?” “Well, they’re broken. I was wearing them and they just popped.” (I know, that’s a weird explanation, and probably sounds made up, but it was the truth.) After consulting with another girl behind the counter, she told me, “You’ll have to go to Jewelry for that.”

You mean I waited in line all that time to be told to go to a different department???? Why didn’t you tell me that before? I wanted to yell at her, but, really, what could I do about it? I thanked her. I thanked her. Why??!??! I don’t know, second nature, I suppose.

Anyway, I went to the jewelry counter and got my money back and scrammed.

On our way back to Joshua Tree, we saw a Big 5 Sporting Goods store, so we stopped there and I found some better sunglasses and a hooded zip-up. So then I was happy.

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  1. Anna

    Ug. I avoid that place as much as possible.

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