Free Time and Bull Kelp

By | April 2, 2009

A picture of me that I enhanced during my free time.

Manchester State Park is a small park with no electricity or showers or flushing toilets. It’s small, quiet, and only $10 a night. We liked it a lot and ended up staying two nights.

We had fun with the bull kelp strewn on the beach, whirling it around, snapping it like a whip, and dragging it down the beach. It’s surprisingly heavy stuff. As I was weighed down by the bull kelp dragging behind me, a rogue wave came in. I tried outrunning it, but the kelp was weighing me down, so at the very last second, I dropped it and dashed to safety. But I was just a tad bit too late and ended up with a wet boot.

Another picture I enhanced during my free time…

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