Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf, Aquarium

By | April 10, 2009

Tom and I went to Monterrey Bay, California, to see Cannery Row, the Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. It was a very cool place and a beautiful day. Gorgeous! Sunny and 60’s. I loved it!

We got to the Fisherman’s wharf somewhat early in the morning, and saw a lot of brown pelicans resting on a ledge by one of the shops. We walked the docks, which had stores and restaurants flanking both sides, but most of them weren’t open yet, because it was too early. We spent some time looking out at the harbor, the boats, the harbor seals, the birds… Then we walked to the aquarium and checked that out. When we got back to the wharf, all the restaurants were open and giving out free clam chowder samples. We filled up on them for lunch. They were all delicious.

The aquarium was surprisingly busy for a Wednesday afternoon in February, I thought, but what better way to spend the day? I think there were a few school groups there, and lots of families with young children, as there were many kid-friendly exhibits and activities.

It’s an amazing place, one of the best I’ve ever seen: very high-tech, and cutting-edge in marine research, knowledgeable staff wandering around everywhere.

It had huge “holding tanks” with all sorts of sea life. The tanks had windows on most of the sides, extending two floors high, so you could pretty much see everything. There was artificial wave action so you could see the sea weeds and fish moving slowly back and forth, almost making you believe you were right in there with them!

Then there were all the other exhibits, showing different sea life individually, with short descriptions about each one. We saw sand dollars moving, really beautiful jellyfish, silvery schools of fish, and a huge fish that looked like half of it had been chopped off, but was just a normal Ocean Sunfish. The whole experience was very interesting. I’d love to go back.

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  1. Anna

    Awesome. That aquarium looks very cool, I love places like that.

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