California: Hiking, Thai, and Books

By | April 29, 2009

Remember those California PoppiesI mentioned awhile ago? Well, here they are again; we’ve finally made it to Sunny Southern California!

We took a long hike with Jay today, on the Coast Trail, which was about 7 miles, roundtrip. Beautiful scenery, lots of arch rocks and craggy points, beautiful hillsides with cows grazing on the green grass, orange California Poppies just starting to bloom everywhere. Gorgeous!

Southern California Shoreline

Beautiful, green, Southern California Shoreline

This set of eroded rocks reminded us of Stone Henge, the water version.

For an after-hike meal, Jay treated us to Thai food, which was delicious. We had Seafood noodles, Thai Delight something (coconut sauce, shrimp, cashews, pineapple, another kind of meat) my favorite of the three, and a pork dish with tons of veggies that was very spicy.

After eating and hanging out for awhile, we brought our old books (the ones we were both done reading) to the local book exchange store and got new books. I chose two: an Orson Scott Card and a Jodi Piccoult. Tom got a ton of adventure, mystery, meditation… All his favorite authors. It was a very laid-back place, with witty signs hanging all over the walls. The hours on the door said something like: “M-F around 10, but always before 11, until around 6:00. Sat: by 11, until around 5:00.” Very in tune with the rest of the decor and atmosphere.

I’m tired. My feet are really sore and I have a headache. But it was a really good day; I enjoyed it a lot. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so I’m not sure what we’re going to be doing, maybe take it easy…

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