Winding Roads to Bodega Bay

By | April 3, 2009

The morning coffee was good, as were the blueberry muffin accompaniments. The morning drive was beautiful and crazy, with the twisty turny up and down roads along steep drops to the ocean far below.

Everything is green around here. We saw cows grazing on very steep fields and had to laugh as we imagined one of them tipping over and crashing into the side of the van as we drove by.

We’re in Bodega Bay at Bodega Dunes on the Sonoma State Beach. It’s a nice place. It was sunny when we got here, which was great. We got set up, then took the 20 minute walk through sand dunes and low-lying brush to the beach. Tom claims it’s the best beach so far in California. I think it’s hard to call. They’ve all been pretty good, in my opinion. One interesting find was a row of driftwood huts set back from the waves, close to the dunes. We cautiously approached one, determined it was empty of dusty bowlegged vagabonds, then had a short sit.

We watched a few hawks soaring on the wind around us as we sat on a log on the beach. I love the sound of their wings flapping. It’s one of my favorite nature sounds.

When the hawks were gone, we noticed a seagull nearby keeping an eye on us. We pretended to toss him food (actually small handfuls of sand) and he kept creeping closer and closer. Finally Tom dove at him, intending to tackle him to the ground. The gull flew a ways off and stared reproachfully at us. When we left, we noticed him run over to where we had been to see if there actually was any food. We laughed.

Our future plans are to make it into San Francisco, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, and check out the Winchester Mystery House! Yay! I’m excited for that. It will be weird doing something “touristy” for a change, but I think it will be fun.

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One thought on “Winding Roads to Bodega Bay

  1. Karen

    when your in san franscisco, you might want to check out pier 59 and alcatraz. also neptune’s palace on the pier is really good. (might be pricey tho. don’t know cause i wasnt buying :)go at night for the view of the lights on the bay…)winchester mansion sounds fascinating, your so lucky! im totally living vicariously thru your blogs, so keep them coming! karen

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