Writings in the Night

By | March 22, 2009

Tom and I decided to have a little fun in the night with our camera and flashlights. Here is what we came up with.

Ev in the Dark

Ev, Written by flashlight

To do this, we would set the camera to record 60 seconds of exposure, then put it on an unmoving surface. To write our names, we would shine a flashlight at the camera while moving it around, writing our names in the air. The camera would record the movements. To show our faces, the other person would shine a muted flashlight while the person in the picture would stand as still as possible in a spot they figured would still be in the picture. (It was somewhat dark out at the time and we couldn’t exactly tell where the camera was recording.) It took many tries to get it right.

Finally, we thought we’d try being cute and make a heart and both of our faces in the same picture. This one happened in three stages and was purely guesswork. Tom drew the heart with his flashlight, but didn’t turn it off immediately when he was done, so he ended up drawing a line through the middle. Then he directed me where he thought I should stand, and he shined the light on me. Finally, he stood next to where I had stood, and I shined the light on him. Here’s the final result:

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  1. Anna

    very cool, and obviously you have had time on your hands over the last few months…

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