Hiking in the Redwoods

By | March 23, 2009

We did a 10 mile hike through the redwoods. It was a good hike and great exercise. I feel like I could have kept going longer, except for my feet were killing me by the end. Typical. I have always had problems with my feet. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the day immensely.

Can you see me in this picture? This is a good representation of how big these trees are, and how dwarfed you can feel walking past them.

Ev is Dwarfed

Ev is dwarfed by the Redwood Forest

Naturally, there were a few more trees for Tom to climb along the way.

We had lunch at our turn-around point, sitting gingerly on a wet log. (Everything is wet, as not a lot of sunshine gets down to the ground around here.) The fare included peanut butter and honey sandwiches, pistachios, granola bar, grapes, chips, and water to wash it all down.

Later on, we went to learn a little more about redwoods at the Visitor’s Center. Outside was this huge tree, labeled to help us figure out some of its history.

“In 1148, this tree began growing near Jordan Creek at the north end of the “Avenue of the Giants.” It was 839 years old when it fell in 1987.”

Average Diameter at Base: 9 Feet
Height of Tree: 300 Feet
Age of Cross Section: 839 Years
Probable Weight of Tree: 325 Tons

It also shows what years some of the tree rings were made and what was happening at the time.

1776 Declaration of Independence Signed (second in from right)
1215 Magna Carta Signed (center)
1341 Significant Fire Scarred Tree (near huge crack in tree, second from left)

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  1. Jennifer Skoog Photography

    Awesome!! Reminds me of my days at summer camp- we were actually in King’s Canyon Nat’l Park, Redwood canyon was close . . . would love to go back. It will ba awesome having you guys in AK this summer. Hopefully we can find time to hike! Jen

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