Cape Arago

By | February 28, 2009

We spent the beautiful day at Cape Arago State Park (near Coos Bay in Oregon), relaxing in the sun, watching sea lions, checking out hermit crabs in tide pools, watching waves crash on the rocks, reading, and drawing trees.

I’m sorry for this first disgusting picture. It was the first sea lion we saw up close and it was dead, dead, dead! And it stunk. Also, we thought the placement of the stick was quite odd. Did he die chewing on it?

Here’s me, hunkered down watching hermit crabs play around.

These are hermit crabs. Basically all you can see are the shells they live in. But if you be still and watch for long enough, they get real active, start pushing each other off the rocks and dragging each other around. It’s hilarious!

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