By | November 13, 2008

Now I’m back in Duluth, trying to make some money. (It’s always to have money for the next adventure.) I attended a “BNI” meeting this morning, where over 40 Duluth businesses were represented, networking, getting and giving referrals, and all the rest. I’m hoping that some of them will get back to me about wanting graphic design projects done by “FreelancEv” (that’s me!).

So not much exciting to report, except for almost having to sleep on my front porch last night because my roommate, not expecting me to be back, had locked all the doors and I didn’t have my key! And to top it all off, my phone was almost dead which meant my phone book didn’t work and I couldn’t call her. But I pounded on the door for about 5 minutes straight and finally she heard and let me in.

Apple on Knee

I miss these apples, though, from my neighbor's delicious apple tree. There will be no more until next year.

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