By | November 17, 2008

This weekend was pretty laid-back. Tom and I went for a walk down the “Minnesota Point” beach on Saturday and found a nice Caterpillar to pose upon.

Ev On Cat

Me, posing on a nice Caterpillar

Soon afterwards, my camera batteries died, which was unfortunate, because then we came to the “old lighthouse” which was all run down and made of brick and seemed picture-worthy. Thinking quickly, I took the batteries out and warmed them in my hands for awhile, and Voila! we were able to squeeze a few more pictures out of the remaining battery juice.

Today I spent some time on my computer, learning how to make cool backgrounds in Photoshop. Here are two I came up with.

Then I wondered how I will ever find enough freelance graphic design work to make enough money to go traveling this winter. Woe is me.

It’s a little hard, actually, knowing that I don’t plan on sticking around in one place, trying to grow my “business.” It’s not that I don’t want to work hard and gain a client base, it’s that I don’t want to put down roots right now.

I would love to build a client base that lets me work remotely, doing all my work via email and the Internet. And I know it’s possible. But I don’t quite know how it’s done, and I have a feeling that most people I work with will want to see me in person for projects.

Knowing that it won’t be possible all the time makes me hesitant to even get started.

Silly, I know, but that’s how I’m feeling at the moment.

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