Exploratory Freeze

By | November 17, 2008

For loving to travel so much, I sure am hesitant to explore my surroundings. I planned to start my freelancing by creating work—designing placemat advertising and distributing the placemats in local restaurants. Unfortunately, none of the local restaurants I contacted are interested in using placemats; it’s just not done anymore, apparently, partly because it’s an extra step that they’re not interested in, and it creates too much waste, and the chains aren’t allowed to use “un-approved” ANYTHING, including placemats.

Tuna Sandwiches and Fries

Looking for a good restaurant that wants placemats... Any takers?

My conclusion is that this city is a little too big for such an old-fashioned, small-town idea. What I need to do is go to a neighboring smaller town and ask the restaurants there. But I am resisting doing that because I’m not familiar with the surrounding area. I don’t know where the restaurants are, and I don’t know anything about them. I need one that serves a good, hearty meal, nothing fancy, laid-back, that all the locals frequent, that would welcome the thought of 5,000 free placemats.

Actual I need four or five of this sort of restaurant…

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  1. Oak Post Ranch

    i wish i could say it was easier in this small town, but sorry, i can’t. good luck though! let me know what works!

    by the way, my word verification was FLUEBLE. sounds like a good solid word to me 🙂

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