Friendly Meeting

By | August 14, 2008

We found the hostel we had booked in Stockholm with no trouble at all. It was on a boat, which seemed like a really cool way to start our trip.

Hostel Boat in Sweden

Our first hostel was on a boat.

It was quite a hike from the train station, but it was through a beautiful cobblestone courtyard and down the old downtown streets with shops on both sides and people teeming the roadways instead of cars.

We met up with two of our friends, Ju and Val, at the hostel. They had started backpacking in Europe a few weeks before us, and we had pre-arranged plans to stay with them in Stockholm and possibly travel together for the next 5 days or so as well. It was a pleasant surprise to walk in and find them already there, waiting for us.

They helped us out tremendously in our first few hours in a foreign land, by telling us all the stuff they had learned in recent weeks, from how to flush certain toilets (there’s a foot lever) to how to book train reservations, to what it’s REALLY like living out of a backpack.

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  1. Pete


    Looks like you had a great time in Europe! It certainly makes me want to go back! Heidi L (formerly from MN).

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