Flighty Morning

By | July 20, 2008

Suze and I had a leisurely morning. We went for a walk, showered, ate a little food (not our left-over pizza—we decided to throw that away) and re-packed our bags one final time.

Waiting at the Airport

We bided our time at the airport by sitting around, reading.

The kindly gentleman brought us to the airport at the only time he had available that day—noon. Our flight left at 7:50 p.m. So we sat for awhile on the hard cold floor, waiting for some chairs to open up, or for the KLM check-in crew to arrive so we could get our tickets and make our way through security. We bided our time by reading, eating, people-watching, going for short little solo walks (someone had to stay behind and guard our bags!), and discussing our travel plans.

Finally (finally!!!!) we got on the airplane, and spent the next 7 or so hours sleeping uncomfortably on our chairs, staring out the window (at the wing… somehow if I get a window seat, it is always a seat over the wing), and eating the gourmet meals they served us.

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