9 Questions to Discover How to Be Unique, Be Authentic, and Be Yourself

There will never be another you. Your life—YOUR LIFE—has significance. YOU are important. YOU have something of value to offer the world, and the rest of us are missing out if you do not completely show up in your own life. Why not embrace who you are and start living a life that truly reflects you—your habits, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and ideas. How? Click here to learn more about how to be unique, be authentic, and be yourself >>

How to Be Brave and Different in a World of Conformity

I’ve never talked about this on my blog, and have only ever told a few people in real life, although there were well over 100 people who witnessed the event. Back in 2010, I attended something called the Conscious Growth Workshop (CGW). The one topic we covered at CGW, which I have never talked about until now was Faith, Religion, and Spirituality. Interested to learn what happened during this life-changing event? Read more >>

Taking Charge of Your Unique Life

I didn’t know I was different. I grew up looking, behaving, feeling like everyone else. Well, yes, at some point I figured out that all of us in the “tribe” were different—we didn’t drink or dance or go to the movies. We didn’t wear make-up or pierce our ears or dye our hair. What changed? Read more >>