Accomplishing the Worst Goal Ever

My goal is to have a completed second draft of my novel by November. Sounds like a good goal on the surface. But have you ever set a goal, and in the “reaching your goal” part, felt like it was the worst goal ever? It’s not that I think it’s impossible. On the contrary, I… Read More »

My Piercing Story

My friend told me the other day, “I can’t picture you without earrings.” That was about the craziest thing I ever heard, because I spent 94% of my life without piercings. Most of the people who have known me the longest barely know that I have my ears pierced. Have I ever told you the story behind getting my ears pierced? Click here to read about it.

Anamnesis and the Unquenchable Thirst

I think I speak for all Peace Corps volunteers when I say that we joined because we wanted to be challenged, have adventure, push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Being a volunteer scratched the itch for a little while. But for most of us, this is an itch that is never satisfied. It’s an unquenchable thirst for… READ MORE »


What happens when you have visitors? Well, it just might be fun!

What Real Authors Do

For the past seven years, I have written a novel in November, as part of “National Novel Writing Month,” or “NaNoWriMo.” This is not news anymore. The news is I am finally editing one of my drafts. What’s it been like? Read more here!

Do You Have a Vision Board?

I meet in a weekly Mastermind group and it was my brilliant idea to share vision boards next week. I say “brilliant” with an air of sarcasm tinged with urgency, a little fear, and some reluctance, because we are sharing on Wednesday and I haven’t started making mine yet. Read More >

Writing Challenges

Hi everyone! A quick note to let you all know that I’m focused this month on writing in a big way—but not on this blog at the moment. I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo and finally editing the novel I wrote several years ago. My goal is to have 30 hours of editing by the end of… Read More »