Another Moving Tale

Having furnishings and being homeless means having to store said furnishings during said homeless period, then having to move them again once new apartment is available.

No problem at all! The previous tenant of my new apartment was a friend of my previous roommate and graciously allowed me to store all my furnishings in his [my new] garage while he himself prepared to move out of his [my new] apartment.

The real problem was that he did not graciously allow me to sleep on his couch for 10 days. I would have to figure that one out on my own.

Letter to Myself at Age 30

The letter was forgotten for many years. I wrote it when I was 22 years old, sealed it in a mottled gray envelope, and wrote on it, “to – Evelyn @ 30, from – Evelyn @ 22, October 8, 2007.”

Then I tucked it away in the pages of my scrapbook. Read More >>

Why I Love-Hate Toastmasters

Eventually, through friends and movies I wasn’t supposed to watch, I learned about “giving toasts.” But still, the first time I heard the term “Toastmasters,” it conjured up an image of a group of experts in white chef coats… (“The range that this toaster offers is not consistent with industry standards of quality toast delivery.” — said in a nasally tone.) Read entire article >>

For Those Adventurous Souls…

I remember the days when I was just starting my blog, way back in July of 2008. It was for a trip to Europe, which I was incredibly excited about sharing with everyone. I wrote a couple posts pre-trip, a couple catch-up posts post-trip, and absolutely nothing at all during the trip. In the process, I lost all two of my potential readers, because they gave up checking my new website for the non-existent updates while I was in Europe.

Don’t let this happen to you! Find out how to remedy your situation >>

It’s the Little Things

When I got home, I put on my Susie Homemaker apron, and cleaned the entire apartment, did all my laundry, and baked bread. I also shaved my legs, cut all my nails, sewed a button back on my coat, and tightened the leg on my kitchen chair. It’s the little things.

I Just Want to Sell to Myself

I only ever want to help people who are in the exact same situation as me. This has been the case ever since I can remember, which goes back to about third grade, when I decided that the best thing in the world would be to teach third grade and play my violin for the class. Read More >>

How to Write a Novel in a Month

Click to watch a video of my “Pecha Kucha” style presentation about writing a novel in 30 days. Learn more about the writing process of such a challenge and what you gain from it. Also find out from observation with “Pecha Kucha” means. Continue >>