“Why am I writing this? No one will ever be interested in reading this garbage. I should just give up now.” I always get to this stage during November. I forget that I’m an engaging writer, that people actually like to read the things I’ve written. Instead I look at the %*#@ I’m putting on the… Read More »

Three of Fifteen

I have fourteen brothers and sisters, but I don’t usually lead with that piece of information unless I’m looking for shock value. Even then, I always get the same 10 invasive questions so if I don’t feel like answering them, I withhold that tidbit about my siblings from my acquaintance. For the sake of us… Read More »

Beating Myself Up

Did you know I can’t accurately predict the future? That lack in my abilities has caused me some consternation this year as it relates to my goals. Here’s what happened. Read more »


If all the women (and men) who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “Me too.” as a Facebook status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem. It’s 2 years exactly since I posted a series on sexual abuse on my blog. (Oct 6-Oct 29, 2015). In that case, I… Read More »

Why You’re Not Pursuing Your Dream

I was distracted by a thin envelope tucked inside one of my journals. The return address was Evelyn @ age 11. It was addressed to Evelyn @ 18. I opened it. One of the first questions my 11-year-old self asked was, “Have you become an author?” Read more »


I have never felt this much like a goldfish. I’m constantly on edge, waiting for something to interrupt me, and if nothing does, then I interrupt myself. Gotta check email. Gotta check Facebook. Gotta check Twitter (I barely use Twitter, but I better check it just in case). Gotta look at pictures on Instagram. Gotta… Read More »

Unfiltered Thoughts on Life

“It’s super easy to just sit and write forever about nothing.” ~excerpt from one of my draft blog posts There is therapeutic value to me in stream-of-consciousness writing, just to get my jumbled thoughts down on paper and then look at them. Then I can see what’s going through my head and make changes or… Read More »


There is a couple kissing on stools next to me. On the far side of the coffee shop, I see a girl with tortoise shell rimmed glasses. I have seen a lot of that style lately. At the table directly in my line of sight, two women are sharing a pecan-topped sticky bun. I saw… Read More »

Upcoming Trip to Cameroon

I’m headed to Cameroon for a vacation next month. First time ever on the large continent of Africa. My friend is serving in the Peace Corps there; I promised her two years ago before she left that I would come visit. Now her time there is coming to a close and my time is running… Read More »

Contradictions From Message to Money

Sometimes it’s hard to give a summary of an experience you had, because you haven’t yet figured out the most important part. Sometimes that stops you from talking about it altogether. I’ve decided this isn’t going to be one of those times. I just returned from a conference called, “Message to Money LIVE.” I went… Read More »


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